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Category: English Spiritual Tradition

Bookf that reflect the English spiritual tradition.

A Timeless Classic of Christian Spirituality

A Serious Call to the Devout and Holy Life by William Law In the early 18th century, an Anglican priest…

Why the Shorter Version of Julian’s Shewings?

The Nova & Vetera edition presents the little-known earliest version of Julian of Norwich’s famous text, where we encounter her visions in all their original freshness and immediacy.

Comforting Words from Julian of Norwich

Comfortable Words for Christ’s Lovers by Julian of Norwich I’m really delighted to have discovered this shorter form of Julian…

Julian of Norwich, Concerning Prayer

Our Lord said to me:“I am the ground of thy beseeching.First, it is My will that thou have it.And then…

Two New Old Books from the English Spiritual Tradition

Coming soon: two books from the English spiritual tradition: the “short text” of Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love and Robert Hugh Benson’s fictional account of an English mystic.

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